Survey Research

Dr. Orr can assist public and private agencies throughout the country to improve service delivery and use public resources more efficiently. Understandably, this is not an easy task. The complex relationships that exist among government agencies require constant attention. On a continual basis, policymakers are forced to confront challenges brought on by each agencies hydraulic effect. 


Discover the advantages of working with a consulting professional that understands research concepts as they relate to political governance and social service. Dr. Orr can help your agency create an advantage to this policymaking process by giving you an accurate understanding of the workplace, employee expectations, and the underlying trends that create changes in the system. Dr. Orr has expertise in the following areas:

·        Qualitative Analysis – conducting on-site focus groups, employee surveys, and in-depth interviews.

·        Quantitative Analysis – examination of agency data, cross-tabular survey results, statistical forecasting, multivariate linear regression, and longitudinal designs.

·        Policy Analysis – employ both qualitative and quantitative methodologies to identify problems, determine alternatives, monitor outcomes, and evaluate performance.

Dr. Orr conducts intelligent, information-based research in a manner designed to address your in-depth needs on a project-by-project basis. Call today for your consultation.


Douglas A. Orr, Ph.D.

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